The Perfect Setting To Pack Light – Caribbean Cruise

The Perfect Setting To Pack Light – Caribbean Cruise

caribbean cruise light pack

Some travelers feel completely happy with packing just a bikini/swimming shorts as the Caribbean cruise outfits. Everybody says pack light and don’t bring much stuff, so that’s the plan they follow. If your approach to packing luggage for the tropical climate is the same, well, that’s one way to do things.

Moreover, packing for a Caribbean cruise allows to live up to that. Small cabins on the ship will make you so satisfied with yourself about stuffing your luggage smart.

We offer a packing list for cruise to Caribbean that would help you feel as much comfort as possible, at the same time keep the weight of your luggage within every possible limitations.

In terms of what to wear on a Caribbean cruise a capsule type of wardrobe would be a winner. This means that you take 2-3 bottoms like shorts and skirts and 3-4 tops that would match all your bottoms. Then you swap when pairing them and end up with a new outfit every single day. Style with a hat and remember to wear the matching shoes.

Caribbean cruise clothes don’t have to include too formal gowns. Check out the program of your cruise, but lately cruising companies are less fastidious about sticking to the original formal dress code. On occasions ladies can get away with summer dress or a cocktail dress. Men still have to sport a collared shirt and slacks. Thus, your essential list would look like:

  • 3-4 T-shirts, blouses
  • 2-3 pairs of shirts, skirts
  • dress, collar-shirt and slacks
  • swimsuit
  • gym suit

Dismissing the sweater? Don’t

What you need to bring for cold weather

We’ve already settled that Caribbean cruise outfits would be light and chances you won’t need a gown/tuxedo are high. Now, it’s easy to dismiss the warm clothes straight from the beginning. Yet,  ladies would really appreciate something cozy over their shoulders as diner conditioner makes them feel as if they are headed north to Alaska rather than Caribbean paradise. Also, a wind jacket would do good both men and women if odd rainfall welcomes you on the land.

A thing or two about the swimming suits

Even a 7-day Caribbean cruise packing list is better with 2 swimsuits. The bikini set for leisure time by the pool and a single-piece for snorkeling or other entertainment involving action. You don’t want either piece of your bikini to swim away into the ocean deep. Even if your hero catches the part of your swimming suit and saves your day, this probably won’t make you too happy and might ruin the vacation spirit. So, leave the fashion for lying in the sun and if you plan anything active – get the single-piece suit on your packing list for Caribbean cruise. Also, having 2 swimsuits at hand Is still a good idea even if you don’t plan on being active. An extra swimsuit will keep your in business if one of them is helplessly wet on a swimming-pool time after the previous water encounter.

Cosmetics and toiletries – the small and the big deal

cosmetics for your caribbean cruise

There are these awesome and cute travel-size shampoos and shower gels that you can take instead of the full-size versions. Later you can refill the travel-size bottles – a tip on what to pack for a Caribbean cruise next time. These small guys would save space (and weight) for souvenir. Or if you’ve gone all the way with the souvenirs you can through away the bottles. It’s less painful than through away the 13.5-ounces bottle of your favorite hair conditioner. In case you are worried that the travel size won’t live up to your needs – there are the shampoo and the shower gel provided by the cruising line in your stateroom.

Due to the sunny weather there is no way to cut the volume of a sunscreen you’re taking. A full big family-pack or a set of regular size has to make it’s way in the Caribbean cruise packing list for each member of the family. In case you have some leftovers from the previous vacation, pack it in your carry-on bag. You will probably need the sunscreen before you have access to your luggage. If you don’t have any leftovers, then the traveling size tube would fit your carry-on bag without adding much to the weight and passing through the security in the airport if you are flying to embark the ship. Grab the chapstick with the SPF 30. Opt for the same level of protection for your facial and body sunscreen or higher if needed.

More on the hot stuff

hot stuff to pack

Take an aloe vera ointment or cream as an after-sun remedy. Do not rely solely on it by disregarding the sunscreen. You are need to make sure your Caribbean cruise packing list is UV-proof making it look at least like this:

  • Hat
  • Polarized sun-glasses
  • Cover-up
  • Sunscreen spray or lotion
  • Chapstick
  • After-sun lotion

These items would seriously aide you in having the vacation of your life time. Think of a sunscreen as a part of your Caribbean cruise outfits and do not forget to re-apply after swimming or every 2-3 hours.

Overall thinking thoroughly about what to wear on a Caribbean cruise before actually packing, really allows to practice your light packing skills. Surf through our website to get the ideas of the Caribbean cruise packing list and more tips.