Packing Time for the Royal Vacation

It’s Packing Time for the Royal Vacation

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Royal vacation – getting ready

Are you dreaming of a royal vacation? This might be reason why you have chosen the Royal Caribbean line. Despite the name of the company the destinations of the cruising are enormous. So are the variants of the packing list depending on where you are headed.

Keep your worries at bay, as the Royal Caribbean packing list is complete and exhaustive for any traveler. The official website even offers the must-haves to pack with you and trending outfit ideas.

Dress code and necessities for Royal Caribbean cruise

Necessities of the Royal Caribbean cruise packing list follow the common logic and do not differ much from the most of the packing lists. So check out our website for detailed packing lists for any cruise.

For the evening time, the company has a smart casual dress code for ladies; and shirts with collar and slacks for gentlemen. The ship crew expects you to observe the dress code with your kids as well.

Formal dress code is not applicable at all the ships so check the guide on your cruise specifically to know if you need to take a cocktail dress/suit and tie to be able to attend a restaurant.

Generally, there are one to three evenings with a formal dress code. For the cruises that take 15+ days you may expect more than three evenings with the formal code. The rent of the tuxedo is available on the ships.

When considering what to pack for the Royal Caribbean cruise – study the dress code and activities offered specifically on your ship.

Even if the destination of your cruise is the country with the warm climate you might want to check it’s humidity rate or simply grab a light wind- or raincoat. If the chances of rain are high take a small umbrella.

Tips and items to pack – or not

The cruising line suggests grabbing athletic wear for the sport activities, tournaments and even climbing. Ice-skating requirements include wearing thick high socks and pants. Also, think of a single-piece swimming suit for ladies and swim-suit for men for active time in the pool like surfing simulator.

There are no irons allowed on boars so pack your clothes rolled up and take an anti-wrinkle spray. Laundry services are available at fee.

Make sure you take matching shoes for each of your outfits. And you’d probably be wearing your sneakers not only for the gym class. Royal Caribbean packing list includes suitable attire for energetic activities on shore and excursions. Also, pack a tout bag that is light and easy to carry around and what’s more important – can fit in plenty of souvenirs.

Royal Caribbean cruise packing list does not include any alcohol allowance. If you buy local booze in the ports and try to bring it onboard the ship crew will take it and give back the bottles at the end of the cruise.

For more information on Royal Caribbean cruise packing list visit the website or ask you travel agent.