What To Pack for a Cruise

What To Pack for a Cruise Printable 101

It does not matter how often you go cruising there is always that question present in the air when the date of departure approaches – what should I pack for a cruise? We are here to get you the idea of what you might take for your cruise trip. The lists are printable so you can make the copies for the family. Apparently, you are the one who cares most for having the things you need around and sustaining comfort.

To become apprehensive of the best things to bring on a cruise make mental notes on the duration of your trip, weather conditions at the sailing season, quantity of ports you about to visit, special events that are held on board.

Things to bring on a cruise

what to bring for your vacation


These are the basic things you need to pack for the cruise. You can either use this list for 3-5 days cruises or treat it as the necessary basics and then add things according to the events on the ship or chilly weather conditions of the places you are about to visit.

  • Casual outfit: 3 shirts, 1 polo shirt, shorts, slacks, jeans; 2 shirts, 1 tops, 1 blouse, summer dress, capris/shorts, jeans, skirt
  • Beach wear: 1-2 swim suits, cover up, hat, sunglasses
  • Walking shoes, sandals, flip-flops
  • One bright partying outfit (keep it family-friendly)
  • Evening outfit, purse, matching shoes
  • Underwear, night gown, socks
  • Bag

If you are used to going on a vacation to sunny places and seashore, then what to pack for a cruise to a Caribbean or Europe is not a big issue even if it is the first-time experience. Take the items you need for an ordinary vacation and you will be just fine on a cruise trip.

To stay on the safe side avoid showing off too much body. Keep the length of shorts, skirts and tops smart. The cruising companies support family-friendly attitude towards most of the events and situations on the ship including clothing. If you do not tolerate the heat too well, buy clothes that fit lose and made from natural light fabrics. It breathes so good in a way that you won’t feel the length. Moreover, they are generally light in weight so they make their way up to the list of the best things to bring on a cruise.

Last, but not least, your gender plays a role on the list of items you need for cruise.

Cruising at hot weather

hot weather essentials


Light packing for ladies


  • Shorts (but not short)
  • Slacks
  • Jeans
  • Casual skirts
  • Summer dresses

Swimming Pool

  • Swim suit to fit any activities in the water
  • Beach gown or any other type of cover up
  • Bag

Evening time

  • Smart casual for random dinners
  • Elegant evening requires an evening gown or pantsuit or a smart blouse with a middy or long skirt (remember to pack matching underwear)

In the cabin

  • Night gown
  • Light robe
  • Underwear
  • Socks

On shore

  • For sports and activities opt for comfortable clothes
  • For walking around the city any comfortable light clothing

Gentlemen’s packing list

No.1 outfit for traveling men is navy blazer and khakis. The combination fits everybody in so many ways: color, aptness, option to mix with any shirt.


  • Khakis
  • Slacks
  • Jeans
  • T-shirts
  • Sport shirts

Swimming pool

  • Shorts


  • Khakis+blazer combination with polo shirt or dress shirt for the most nights
  • Business suit and a tie for the elegant nights. You can pack a tuxedo if you are ready to go all the way

In the cabin

  • Light robe
  • Bedtime outfit
  • Underwear
  • Socks

On shore

  • Suitable clothing for active recreations: shorts and T-shirts
  • Smart but comfortable casual outfit for walking around the city
  • Backpack or a bag


Check out the outfits you are taking to make sure you have all the necessary shoes to match the outfit.

General list

  • Casual, walking shoes
  • Sandals
  • Flip-flops
  • Sneakers, sport shoes


  • Reef or water shoes
  • Boots or rain shoes

Packing list for cold and stormy weather

cold and storm weather packing


Traveling to Alaska or Ireland or any other cool climate pack clothing wisely. That means you should choose the outfit to be able to dress in layers. Take T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, cardigan or jacket and a raincoat. So, if you feel hot you could take off the jacket and put it back on when it’s cold.

No need to worry of getting chills on the cruise if you take time to think over the details of the cruise and pack wisely. You can always track the route to see the expected temperature on the days in ports.

Cold cruise: what to bring

So, let’s start with square base. One thing every experienced traveler suggests is having enough T-shirts. You can wear them as part of your daily outfit or as a base to keep you warm while walking round the port city.

If you are headed to the northern Europe in winter or late fall, shop for sports underwear. Long-sleeve shirt and leggings that keep the sportsmen warm is a beneficial purchase. You can wear it later on a snowy winter and at the ski resort. Opt for merino wool to keep you 100% shiver-proof. Take woolen socks to match your base outfit for cruising in cold weather. If you pick the woolen wear for athletes then it’s most likely rather thin and light, saving you some space in the luggage.

Since we’ve got the basics covered let’s move to another layer. Try on your jeans to see if they would still fit over the underwear leggings. Otherwise, get the pants to fit with leggings underneath them. Also, there are flannel-lined pants and jeans you might should check out.

Any long-sleeve shirt, jumper, hoodie would fit fine over your base shirt. To save space, search for warn natural fabrics that are thin at the same time.

There are rain and wind coats that come in light and foldable versions. When it’s folded it is in size of a small bag, but the material allows keeping you safe from wind and chills. The shops for athletes can help you find warm and light coat almost for any type of weather.

Last, but not least – a hat and gloves.

Swimming pool onboard of the ship is usually heated if the water gets too cold, so don not leave your swimming attire at home.

Quick sum up and packing checklist for cold and stormy weather

Note: Run through the regular packing list and take the items you need any way, like swimming suit, regular underwear, flip-flops etc. Then add items from the list below to keep you warm

  • Enough T-shirts to wear underneath warm clothes
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Cardigan, pullover, hoodie
  • Jacket
  • Wind coat, rain coat
  • Warm underwear
  • Pants with lining
  • Boots, rain shoes
  • Hat, gloves, warm socks.

Bonus packing list: Special events and theme parties

what to pack for theme party


Wondering what more to bring on cruise? If you are travelling with Princess cruising company, there are plenty of entertainment like Broadway-style performances, magician show, comedy stand up, live music concerts and other. Evening outfit like cocktail dress, khakis and blazer would fit the activities, but you might want to consider taking two or three evening outfits.

The Princess cruising line offers venues like dances, cowboy and island nights. If you feel like diving into fun, grab your dancing shoes, cowboy accessories, boots and light tropical shirt or another festive outfit. Remember to keep your clothing modest and family-friendly.

Disney line also asks for family friendly outfits for Pirate Night, Star Wars and Marvel Days and little girls’ favorite Frozen Deck party.

Use imagination and creativity to have fun with your costume. You can do anything you want with it. There are just a few things to consider – keep it decent and easy to pack and carry in your luggage or carry-on bag. Do not bring fake pistols or knives. Cruising policy prohibits items that look like a weapon and of course the real weapon. Otherwise, plug in your creativity.

If you don’t have any special outfit or costume, or want to keep your luggage as simple as possible, you can opt for simple accessories like a tropical shirt and flower necklace for tropical nights, a band over an eye and earrings for Pirate night, blue outfit for Frozen party deck, etc. Check out the ideas for the DIY costumes online and participate in the activities with little to no effort at all.

Yet try to keep your festive outfits as simple as possible. Choose the costume that would take as less of a space as possible and made of light fabrics. Also, check your cruising program for the information on the special events so you know for sure what the dress code is.