Living a dream – Disney Cruise Packing List

Living a dream – Disney Cruise Packing List

There are two reasons why travelers are attracted to cruising with Disney. They are living up to their childhood dream or they pretend pleasing their kids while they are living up to their childhood dream. Whether you enjoy openly or secretly, we totally get it. Having a blast vacation takes some preparation. Luckily, for the first time cruisers, Disney cruise packing list looks exhaustive and includes all the necessary items. In addition, the lists are given for each destination the cruising line offers, so the travelers have comprehensive instructions on things to bring on a Disney cruise.

Carry-on, carry-along – Inside the bag of necessities

necessities for packing

First comes the recommendation on the carry-on luggage. Their requirements are up to 22- inch width, 14-inch height and 9-inch depth. And there’s a good reason for that. The staterooms might give you a feeling that they are too stuffed. Luggage, larger in dimension will simply take up the space you’d rather have for your comfort and safety.

So let’s start with carry-on luggage. Your family needs to have:

  • all the documents and IDs
  • any valuables
  • set of change clothes
  • basic toiletries
  • meds
  • swimsuits, flip-flops, hats and a sunscreen

Take a family-size sunblock lotion along with the after-sun remedy like a soothing lotion or aloe vera gel. Check the expiry date for the sun block otherwise it will not work. Disney stuff gives out seasickness remedies at the front desk for free. Yet make sure your packing for Disney cruise includes all the prescribed medicines for each family member in the sufficient quantity.

Also, take pain and fever medication, stomach and allergy medication and bug-spray. All the meds must be in the original containers. Put a mental not on making a drinking mug or bottle a necessary item on what to pack for a Disney cruise. The stuff serves soft drinks in small paper cups so the bottle would be handy to save you from running across the ship every half an hour for the refills.

There is a card provided to you on board serving two purposes at a time. It’s the key to your stateroom and a pay card, that registers your future bill of the things you buy on the ship. To keep the track of the card and avoid losing it take a lanyard. You won’t be able to use your phone for calling and internet surfing as this may end up in an unpredictable bill. However, feel free to use your gadget as a flashlight and alarm clock. Grab a power bank for the gadget to last longer.

Something you should know about the things to bring on

things to bring on the ship

Disney cruise. What is awesome about the Disney that they allow jeans at diners if they do not have holes. Generally, the dress code fits “Cruise Casual”. You can still have a fancy adult time I the restaurant and have a gown and a preppy jacket with a bow tie a part of your Disney cruise packing list if you like.

The Disney Cruise specialty is that the company offers plenty of theme activities and parties. You don’t have to buy costumes for a whole family or bring excessive luggage all the way to the ship just check out the simple DIY ideas that would help you attend all the parties without bringing celebrity-size luggage. Even if your Disney cruise packing list does not included costumes as the baggage gets stuffed with kids’ things you still have a change to feel involved. The stuff offers a bandana with pirate-theme print to the travelers on the Pirate night.

Save the room for the adult fun too

cocktail pack for a weekend

The company understands what it’s like to sail with children, so to make the voyage more or less sustainable Disney cruise line packing list has the alcohol allowance. If you are determined to include the alcohol among the things to bring on a Disney cruise – put it into the carry-on bag, not the luggage. If you are flying to the port of embarkation, get the beverages in the duty free zone. Keep in mind that it’s highly unlikely they will let you on board of the aircraft with couple of bottles in your carry-on luggage.

What to pack for a Disney cruise depending on the destination is no brainer. Take your regular packing list and add a few sweaters, fleece coat, rain jacket and boots. Think of dressing layers to keep you warm. Don’t forget about warm hat, scarf and gloves. Before packing for a Disney cruise refer to the website of the cruising line or the printable versions of packing list 101 on our website.