Breaking the cold – Alaska cruise packing list

Breaking the cold – Alaska cruise packing list

What a beautiful sceneries the Great White North, aka Alaska, opens to those who are not scared of a little bit of cold. And why would you? Especially if you are reading the right things to take on an Alaskan cruise your only option is to be fully equipped and enjoy in comfort. May through September is considered to be the best time for visiting. The summer temperature in Alaska reaches 60-80°F in the daytime and 40-50°F at night. In May and September, the temperature is lower by 5- 10°F. Chances of rain are high and weather is hard to predict. It don’t really matter if you pack for Alaska cruise in July or in September – dressing in layers is what they do in Alaska.

Alaska cruise – what to pack for dressing in layers

dressing in layers for Alaska cruise

A tip on what to pack for a cruise to Alaska includes dressing like an onion or layers. Meaning you are wearing a T-shirt under long sleeve. Then a sweater and a coat. If you have a set of athletic underwear make them a priority among the things to pack for Alaska cruise. No idea what are the athletic undies? Head for the sports store. Choose the materials that absorb moisture like Patagonia’s Capilene. You can either wear them later for any type of winter sports or simply in severe cold.

Another cool thing about sport or long underwear is that you can take off all the layers and stay in your underwear long-sleeve if it gets too hot. They tend to look like your average daytime wear rather than real underwear. While in the store, ask for these miracle wind and rain jackets – another must-have item even for Alaska cruise packing list for June. The store usually has the jackets that are weightless and fold up into a piece, smaller than a purse. At the same time, the rubber-like lining keeps your body temperature creating your own climate inside. These will be handy for hiking on a frosty morning without the weight of a puffy jacket holding you down.

The basics of packing for Alaska cruise seem to contribute to a healthy lifestyle hype, right? If you don’t have all these items and you are not into buying them, have a fleece jacket at least to sustain the comfort of your trip.

The reason why Alaska cruise packing list features layers is to provide you with:

– an inner layer for the comfort

– an insulating layer to keep you warm

– an outer layer, a sort of a protection shell, which is your wind jacket.

Layers packing list for cruise to Alaska

– Inner layer:

  • Sports underwear
  • Cotton T-shirt and leggings, yoga pants
  • Any type of long underwear

A single set of inner layer clothes is enough for the Alaska cruise packing list if you’re travelling somewhere in June and July and forecast for the period predicts good weather. If you plan to be active with plenty of hiking and fishing, then take two or more sets.

– Insulating layer:

  • Long-sleeve
  • Sweater, pullover
  • Fleece jacket

Long-term pros of packing for Alaska cruise stand in favor of synthetic materials with fleece as the top choice rather than cotton. Jackets made of fleece are warm and do not weigh too much. And this is crucial for you dressed in layers and for your luggage stuffed with other items.

– Outer layer

  • Wind and rain jacket
  • Your late fall puffy jacket

These items must be hooded and waterproof. For traveling in summer, you can leave the puffy jacket home if your wind-breaker coat provides sufficient protection from wind and rain. However, you had better stuff the jacket when packing for Alaska cruise in September. In case you end up with insufficient amount of clothes, you can always find a missing item like turtle-neck shirt or high-collar fleece jacket in the souvenirs shop in Alaska. Necessities of the packing list for cruise to Alaska. When it comes to staying warm and dry small things you don’t really think of make their way to Alaska cruise packing list in July. These small items may not the be the first thing you think of, but they will keep you safe from cold and let you withstand any weather with no trouble at all.

Gloves, scarf, headgear. Even on the sunny day, you can end up with cold hands. Having light gloves adds up to your comfort. The chilly winds on a sunny weather can give you earache fast. Make sure you always have something to cover up. For the headgear pack a hat, stocking cap or alike. Men can opt for waterproof blazer in their Alaska cruise packing list.

Proper footwear. Requirements to this item among what to pack for Alaska cruise are as important as to other items. Think of the activities and pack accordingly. The footwear should be warm, waterproof and provide support when you’re actively climbing icy surfaces. You won’t regret buying a good pair of boots before packing for Alaska cruise. Beware of blisters if your boots are new. You’ll be walking a great deal, make sure they are comfortable. You can accompany these with waterproof socks. If you prefer regular sneakers, wear the socks underneath and take spare sneakers you can swap around if you get wet. Backpack rather than

Backpack rather than tote bag. And it’s better if the back pack is waterproof. Usually, these are sports versions of backpacks – they have the lining for a softer feeling on your back. Bonus: the lining keeps you warm too. You won’t dread an extra source of warmth on Alaska cruise packing list in August even. Others prefer a collapsible backpack, gym-type one. It allows to start out light on a hike with the backpack folded in a pocket. As you start feeling hot or get down to souvenir shopping reach for the bag in your pocket.

What to pack for Alaska cruise if you are not hiking – cruise casual clothes. The destination, generally, allows more relaxed and casual dress code where you wear whatever make you feel comfortable. At the same time if you include the evening dress and tuxedo to the Alaska cruise packing list that’s alright too.

Summertime with no sadness whatsoever

light clothes pack for Alaska cruise

Do not leave your 100% summer attire a5 home. All of the regular summer items are part of what to pack for Alaska cruise in June. Within the period of May to September, the sun shines day and half of the night. The angle of the sunrays along with their reflection from the glaciers

would blind your eyes and burn your nose. Make sure sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are among what to pack for Alaska cruise. There’s plenty of entertainment on the ship to take the swimming suit and flip-flops with the anti-skip sole. Grab a bug repellent as well. Also take a night mask if you sleep better in the dark.

For more items on what to pack for Alaska cruise check out our basic guidelines and list. Pack accordingly in terms of items that go to the carry-on luggage and checked luggage.

What to pack: Alaska cruise visual experience

little things for an Alaska cruise

Some travelers are satisfied with their phone cameras, but do not settle for smaller. You won’t ever regret putting a professional camera with all the lenses you have on the list of things to pack for Alaska cruise. Those glaciers and landscape are beyond worthy of being captured. Grab binoculars and zoom to observe and take pictures of the wild life. You won’t be able to capture miracle moments without the special equipment. Yet more tips on cruise essentials You’re Alaska cruise packing list might need:

  • band aids to help the blisters from walking;
  • magnets or small whiteboard to tell your stateroom door apart from other same doors;
  • vacuum on-wall hangers to stick on the inside of the door and hang the things you don’t want to forget before leaving the suit (e.g. scarf or a hat);
  • wipes to remove stains from your clothes – if it’s bad either self-service laundry or laundry services for a fee are usually available on the ship;
  • sweater bags to save space in the wardrobe;
  • cosmetics travel organizer that can be hang on the door with all the toiletries stacked neatly in one place.

There are great feedback on the voyages to Alaska due to the really impressive sceneries and extraordinary natural phenomenon – the northern lights. You can’t miss out on those for the reasons that it’s not your typical tropical climate. You will get a dose of relaxation and good vibes that will keep you going until the next cruise. Stick to the packing list for Alaska cruise to get the voyage experience of a life-time.