Best Motion Sickness Medicine for Cruise

Cruise Motion Sickness

When you plan to go on a cruise always pack extra stuff according to any basic 101 list. Even if you have never felt seasick, you can never be lucky enough. Make sure you consult your doctor if you have any health-related conditions. It’s best to visit your doctor before departure anyway.

Check with them if you need any refills of your regular meds and what’s discuss the best motion sickness medicine for cruise. People who take medicine can be prone to feeling nausea on a liner. Ask for a motion sickness prescription that is the most suitable for you. Doctors will help to choose the one that does not interfere with any drugs you take.

Patches to Relieve Seasickness

One of the easiest ways to take care of nausea is a patch for motion sickness like Transderm Scop.

The active component in a cruise motion sickness patch is scopolamine. Only a doctor can help you with buying it. The effect lasts up to 72 hours. Before leaving, simply put a motion sick patch behind ear. Now you can completely forget about it.

The medicine is also available in a form of pills. Scopolamine is not commonly used in children.

No recipe Seasickness Pill

Despite visiting a doctor will help you with the best motion sickness medicine, many still prefer buying seasick pills on their own.

Over-the-counter medicines to deal with nausea have an active ingredient antihistamine. The most popular on the market are:

  •       Dramamine
  •       Marezine
  •       Meclizine.

You may have heard about them as a remedy for allergies. But these three no recipe meds are the most common aid in relieving the nasty symptoms. Although you have to be ready that the drugs may cause sleepiness. They may induce or interfere with any allergies medications you take. Take a look at the rest of our packing tips and trick for traveling by ship.

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Well on A Ship

These are the only medication you can get without going to a doctor. You can also try to trick your brain into calming down. Also here are some natural remedies if you don’t like the idea of pills for seasickness.

  1. Find a place with fresh air.

Especially, it helps if you a fresh and cool air blows straight forward into your face. Try going out on a deck facing the direction a liner. Fix your sight at a steady point on a horizon. It helps you senses to agree with each other.

  1. Drink up.

Carrying water with you anywhere when on a vacation should be basic. With dizziness go for a drink of carbonated water. Any drinks with ginger can ease symptoms. Plain cold water will do if there’s nothing around.

  1. Limiting food intake.

Before boarding limit fats and carbs. Continue with these limitations on a boat too. Alcohol induces adverse symptoms. So do the cigarettes. It’s better to avoid smoking or standing anywhere near smokers.

  1. Training tolerance.

This method may seem like a crazy thing to do, but wouldn’t you want to start enjoying your trip? Expose yourself to a situation when you experience motion sickness on cruise, like reading a book or sitting back to the motion. Sustain the position for a short period of time like 5 minutes. Then rest until you feel better. Repeat.

The main goal is to make your body adjust and eventually not be bothered by anything. This method makes much sense if you are traveling long distances.

  1. Help your mate help you.

Taking care of someone who is sick can make you feel ill yourself. Whenever someone you travel with experiences nausea, talk to them about anything but their symptoms.

Also, it works vice worse if you become the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Ask your mates to distract you, move farther away from those who share your symptoms.

  1. Massage hands and wrists.

Try applying pressure to the points that control dizziness according to acupuncture treatment. Put one of your hand’s palm up. Use index, middle, and ring fingers of your other hand to press against the wrist.  Hold for a couple of minutes and switch hands. Repeat in sessions.

You can also buy special bracelets that have a bump to press the right point on your hand. You can wear it constantly while on a boat. Otherwise, carry it around with you to wear when symptoms will prevent you from having fun.

Try these tips before going for a pill. Don’t get discouraged if one of them won’t work. Go over the list until you find the one that helps.

Normally, it takes an adult three days to adjust to the change in conditions. Try not to concentrate on how bad you feel at the moment. But rather think about drinks and partying soon. It facilitates faster adjustment.

Remember that you cannot medicate children on your own. If you are concerned with their previous history of getting seasick, visit a doctor before going on a trip.