10 Best Cruise Packing Tips and Tricks

cruise packing tips and tricks

Cruising is one of the most enjoyable adventures that can help you to relax and enjoy the wonders of the deeps. But how can you make the most of your next or initial cruise? One way of doing so is by packing correctly. Therefore, this post explores the top ten packing tips for a cruise, especially if you are cruising for the first time. Read on to discover these foolproof tricks on how to pack for a cruise  and make your deep sea venture more memorable.

Carry Your Jacket

Opening our comprehensive coverage of tips for packing for a cruise is carrying the right jacket for your cruise. To enjoy your cruise, you need to ignore your weather forecast report and pack a heavy jacket for your memorable adventure. The reason is that the weather man was not issuing his predictions for the sea because the weather in the deep seas changes suddenly besides being chilly especially if you are going to Alaska cruise. If you don’t pack a jacket, you may be forced to remain indoors on a windy and cold day and miss the opportunity to behold the wonders of the deep.

Photograph Your IDs and Luggage

Second in our exposition of packing tips for cruise is photographing your luggage and IDs using your mobile phone. But why is this necessary? Because you can lose your luggage at the airport and need to explain it for easy recovery. But using a photograph, you can describe your lost or temporarily misplaced baggage easily using a photograph. Also, it is needful to photograph your vital documents such as bank cards, driving license, and passport to facilitate easier recovery or cancelation if you lose them. 

Use a Checklist App

Using a checklist app is a central consideration in our packing for a cruise tips coverage that will help you make the most of your cruise. The reason is that all the other tips in this post will not benefit you if you don’t know what to pack. However, thank God for the mobile app revolution that has made it possible to countercheck all the items you need to pack using your smartphone. So, use them to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Bring Your Ear Plugs

Our list of cruise packing tips is incomplete without carrying ear plugs. When cruising, your eyes will be your most active sense since a cruise is more of a visual experience, and hence, your ears will play a less significant role. Therefore, pack ear plugs to keep your ears safe on the cruise ship because cruise ships squeeze as many passengers as possible. Consequently, this large number of people is most likely to make the ship noisier. Also, you should factor in the possibility of staying or hanging near the cruise ship’s nightclub, engine room, and busy walks. But with your ear plugs, you can avoid all this hassle by covering your ears and opening your eyes to enjoy the beauty of the deep.

Pack Your Carry-on Wisely

This coverage of cruise packing tips becomes sweeter when you remember to pack your carry-on wisely. You have to pack your essential items here to avoid inconveniences if you lose your luggage along the way to the port. For instance, you have to pack your clothes for changing, toiletries, medicines, smartphone, chargers, and camera in this bag. Additionally, it will save you unnecessary headaches if your suitcases get delayed in being delivered to your cabin. For instance, you will still have your bathing suit or dinner attire within reach so you don’t keep waiting for your main luggage to arrive.

What About Laundering Onboard?

Our insightful exploration of cruise packing tips remains incomplete without delving into the possibility of and need for packing items to help you in self-service laundering. However, you need to read your cruise company’s cruise reviews to confirm if the company allows passengers to launder their own clothes. The reason is that some cruise ships offer these services at an extra cost, and hence, the need for prior confirmation to avoid unnecessary expenses. After confirming, you can confidently pack your travel detergent to enable you make the most of your cruise.

Don’t Pack Your Suitcase to the Full

If you want to enjoy your cruise to and fro, don’t pack your suitcase to the full. This is one of the cruising tips that will spice up your cruising adventure because the empty space will enable you to pack souvenirs. For instance, if you are taking a cruise ship to the Maasai Mara in Kenya, you will need to buy some artistic Maasai crafts and beads back home. So, leave enough room for to carry back nostalgic memories.

Bring Your Seasickness Medication

Your cruising tips on how to pack for a cruise will be empty if we forget to mention the packing of seasickness medications. The reason is that sea motion can affect anyone, even though it does not affect everyone. Therefore, you ought to take caution so that seasickness does not dampen your cruising experience. Also, it is necessary to consult your doctor to ensure that you pack the appropriate drugs for your journey. If you are on other medication drugs, don’t forget to pack them alongside your seasickness medications. Lastly, you can also pack seaband wristbands to help deal with nausea and vomiting safely.

Don’t Forget Your Binoculars

Packing your pair of binoculars is one of cruise packing tips and tricks that will enable you to get the most out of your cruise journey. The reason is that your cruise will be tasteless if you don’t spy on the sea whales and dolphins doing rounds in the sea. Your pair of binoculars will help you to gaze and zoom around while cruising to the shores.

Remember a Few Emergency Items

Since you are not controlling everything, cruise packing tips and tricks for dealing with emergencies come in handy. You need to bring items such as a flashlight to get extra lighting should you need it in your room. Also, don’t forget to carry your alarm clock and duct tape to help you make quick repairs of torn luggage. In addition, the tape will come in handy as a substitute for spoilt hinges and zippers.

Packing for your maiden cruising is a critical preparation process for your next cruise. However, its effectiveness depends on how well you apply proven packing tips for cruising adventures. By optimizing these foolproof tips for cruising we have shared on how to pack for a cruise, you rest assured of making your maiden or next cruise more adventurous.