7 Essentials People Often Forget To Pack for Cruise

7 Essentials People Often Forget To Pack for Cruise

Cruise is a wonderful way of traveling or spending time on a holiday. It is creative and exciting, comfort and adventures way – on a cruise, you can get an excellent experience of relaxing and seeing wonders at the same time. There are some miracles of nature that only on a cruise you can see.

It could become a really unforgettable tour and holiday just like in a fairy-tale. If only you will pack all things you need and don’t forget any essentials. There are things that you will be needing in a cruise and some of them you won’t be able to buy on a ship.

Here is the list of essentials that many people used to forget. Take it carefully to make your cruise the best trip ever.

essential things for cruise

Power Strip

Lack of outlets is a usual problem for cruise liners. If you don’t want to wait your turn every time, then bring some extra ones. One outlet in a stateroom is a regular situation for an ordinary cruise’ liner. Don’t forget to pack one or two power strips to be able to turn on a laptop or charge your mobile when you need it.

It also would be convenient if you buy an improved model with USB plugs. You can charge two gadgets in the same time with them and don’t waste your time for waiting.

Small Fan

Another problem which you would better to be ready for – is the weather, which can be highly changeable. If you used to sleep on a fresh air with open window it would be better to bring a small fan. The weather could be extremely hot and the fun can service to you quite well if you would like to walk at flat or read something on your stateroom.

Pay attention to the ship you will be traveling – it could be very comfortable and with all modern technology that makes your trip as pleasant as it could be. It would be better to ask your travel agent if there are any air conditional on the ship before you will be going traveling.

Bug Spray

If you are planning to visit some exotic places there is one necessary thing that shouldn’t be forgotten. It is the bug spray. Coastal insects could be extremely annoying, don’t let them spoil your holiday. There are billions of specific kinds of insects that inhabit near the ocean and in harbors so you should be careful. It would better to bring several bug sprays against different kind of insects.

Mosquitos spray wouldn’t be extra in anyway. Ant spray is essential if you are traveling in the East. Different types of flies also occur in ports so don’t forget to pack something against them too.


Medications are essential for any kind of trip, but you should think about it’s more carefully than ever when you are going cruise. There is specific seasickness you have better to be ready for and also you should be aware of usual sickness because of there is no pharmacy on a cruise ship.

It would be better to have some SMALL CARRY-ON BAG for your pills. It is another essential for a cruise – a small carry-on bug where you can put your phone, pills, camera, cash, and documents. If something happened with your luggage, things that necessary for you still be there.

But you had better do not forget your receipt and original bottles for pills. If you have some specific medication do not forget to pack the PRESCRIPTION FROM YOUR DOCTOR as well.


what to bring for cruise vacation

If you trip includes walking under the sun do not forget a lot of sunscreens. If you have pale skin, take another cream for the face and hands. And even if you have swarthy skin and never burn, sunscreen wouldn’t be extra. There are very comfortable tables and benches on the flat that don’t have sun canopy. The sunscreens will let you enjoy sunny days and nice weather without any fear for your health.

The sun in the open sea is more dangerous than on a beach or on a forest. That is why it would be wise to bring some additional sun protection cream.

Cash Money

Another thing many tourists do not think about – is the cash money. We are getting used to paying with cards, but there are some places – small ports and exotic countries – where salesmen do not take any form of plastic.

Whatever your trip is, cash money is an essential thing. Even in the ports of big cities, there are shops with exclusive goods where will be taken only cash. It would be better to think about currency exchange because there are no much banks in the ports. And if you find some exchanger, the course can be very unprofitable.


If you want your trip to be comfortable, do not forget to pack sandals for walking on the cruise liner. The sandals should be convenient to walk on the slippery floor and loose-fitting enough to walk them all day.

If you sure that you have packed everything you need check the list again. A cruise is wonderful time and we hope you won’t forget anything.

Have the very best time!